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hot air balloons over yorkshire

Yorkshire deserves to be seen from the air. This historic county is full of breathtaking scenery, picturesque towns and villages and the majestic sights of York itself, and hot air balloon rides in Yorkshire give you the opportunity to experience it like never before. With balloon flights in Yorkshire youíll be at one with the air, going wherever the wind takes you for a truly unforgettable journey, being an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Experience the thrill of balloon rides in Yorkshire

Being in a hot air balloon in Yorkshire is an experience like nothing else. Youíll witness breathtaking sights in a new and unique way, offering a birds-eye view of some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK. From the Yorkshire moors and dales to the grandeur of the historic city of York, your balloon rides in Yorkshire will simply take your breath away. Itís an airborne adventure in every senseóbeing in a hot air balloon in Yorkshire means youíre at the beck and call of the wind, and because you never quite know where youíre going to end up it adds a whole other element of excitement into the experience.

Here at Virgin Balloon Flights we want to make your balloon flights in Yorkshire even more memorable. With a range of launch sites, a champagne toast and a certificate of your special day youíll have the chance to experience the thrill of hot air balloon rides like never before, so what are you waiting for? Whether youíre celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other kind of special occasion you canít go wrong with hot air balloon rides in Yorkshire, so make sure to get in touch and youíll be one step closer to having memories that will last a lifetime.

launch sites in yorkshire

York Racecourse Harrogate (Ripley Castle)
York (Rufforth Airfield) Temple Newsam Country Park
Doncaster (Cusworth Hall)
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