Tony & MhairiAs pilot Chris Oxby flew the Union Jack flag over the Yorkshire countryside to kick-start the jubilee celebrations, 38-year-old passenger Tony Parris settled his nerves before asking girlfriend Mhairi Fitzharris for her hand in marriage. Just six months ago Tony and Mhairi (33) met over a tipple or two in their home town of Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. With Mhairi’s birthday looming Tony picked a hot air balloon ride with Virgin Balloon Flights as the perfect birthday treat. Little did she know the surprise would be much greater! Mhairi had dreamed of going up in a balloon for years so it was great for Tony to see her face when they turned up at our York Racecourse launch site and she saw the basket being unloaded.
Tony explained: “Pilot Chris and ground crew Neil chose me to help inflate the balloon so that helped to settle any nerves. It was very peaceful up there and I felt it was the right time to ask so I took the ring out my pocket and asked. I was a bit worried in case I dropped it over the side but it all went to plan.”
“Mhairi's reaction was great as she didn't suspect a thing. She said "YES" straight away, which was a relief. She had a tear in her eye and I had a lump in my throat,” he added.
“We could see for miles and I was impressed with how much detail we could see from that height. We saw horses galloping and tractors working the fields, we also saw a game of lawn bowls. It was all very calm and a very worthwhile experience. Thanks to everyone at Virgin for making it such a special day for us both.”
We wish you both the very best for your forthcoming nuptials in the summer next year. Fly with Virgin Balloon Flights from over 100 launch sites in England, Scotland & Wales from as little as £99pp, simply call 0844 8448080 or visit the Virgin Balloon Flights website.