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Valentine's Day Gifts

Your Carriage (In The Skies) Awaits

Take Life Higher This Valentine's Day

Love is one of life’s most extraordinary adventures. If a hot air balloon ride is something you or your partner have always wanted to do, this is the perfect time to buy your tickets to the sky – an unforgettable unique Valentine’s Day gift.

We hope you’ll agree, we have just the packages to suit this romantic occasion.

A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

Our hot air balloon rides have long been known for their romantic nature. Thrilling, yet serene – it’s easy to see why we get so many couples on board.
Imagine floating on air and taking in 360 degree views of picturesque scenery – a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s made even better when shared with a loved one.

Valentine’s Activity Gift

Let’s face it, love is sweet enough. You don’t need chocolates and flowers to show someone you care. Instead, why not make memories with a Valentine’s activity gift.
Ever thought ‘oh I’d love to do that, but I’d be too scared’ – all our passengers say the experience wasn’t half as scary as they anticipated. After landing, you’ll be so happy you didn’t let nerves stop you both enjoying this airborne adventure.
Float on air together – and experience a feeling that will stay with your forever.

Unique Way to Propose

Make that once-in-a-lifetime question unforgettable with a proposal in the skies. Our hot air balloon rides have seen many engagements over the years. All pilots and crew love to help couples celebrate in style – and don’t worry, there’s plenty of space in the basket to get down on one knee!
If you’re looking for a unique way to propose, a Virgin hot air balloon ride is just the ticket.

Your carriage awaits….

Make love an adventure.



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