Altitude Balloons from Virgin Balloon Flights

Welcome to Virgin Balloon Flights, the new operator of balloon rides from Altitude Balloons.

As the premier balloon flight company in the South East, Virgin brings you an unparalleled flying experience with the best pilots and the most beautiful launch sites.

Following the retirement of Adventure Balloons' owners, which was the parent company of Altitude Balloons, Virgin Balloon Flights took on existing passengers still waiting to fly.

We were chosen due to our excellent reputation and impeccably high standard of service, with more than 28 years of taking you up, up and away under our ballooning belts.

If you have found us via Altitude Balloons website but haven't yet got a balloon rides voucher, click below to see our range of options starting from just £129.

We have more than 100 launch sites across the UK and dozens in the South East to choose from.

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A collage of over 30 'FloatFace' Selfies of people on our hot air balloons!

Smiles like this don't come from any other flying experience.

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Once you've transferred and received your new Virgin Balloon Flights voucher, you can book a flight from any of our 100+ locations nationwide across England, Scotland and Wales.

But if you're looking to buy a balloon ride for the first time, find our range of national flight vouchers, with more flexibility than anyone else, below.

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