Virgin Balloon Flights and Bath Balloons

Looking to book a hot air balloon ride with Bath Balloons? You're in the right place, don't worry!

In November 2021, Virgin Balloon Flights took on the passengers, pilots and crew from Bath Balloons when the latter company closed.

As one of the longest running and most iconic Bath balloon flight operators, we offer an unforgettable ballooning experience, having for many years flown alongside Bath Balloons from many of the same launch sites.

Most of Bath Balloons highly experienced crew chose to come and join our existing Virgin Balloon Flights flight teams in Bath, so there are lots of familiar faces for those looking to fly again.

Bath balloon ride prices start from only £129 per person. All Virgin Balloon Flights vouchers can be used not only in Bath, Bristol and the South West but for any of our 100+ launch sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

Click below to see our balloon flight voucher options or find out more about the Virgin ballooning experience on our Experience page.