British School Of Ballooning from Virgin Balloon Flights

If you're looking to buy a balloon ride and have found your way here from the British School Of Ballooning website, you have come to the right place!

Virgin Balloon Flights took on all existing British School Of Ballooning passengers at the end of 2022, after being chosen by its parent company Adventure Balloons to take on operations across the South East.

As the UK's premier operator of hot air balloon rides, Virgin Balloon Flights has been taking you up, up and away for more than 28 years and has flown from many of the same launch sites during that time.

When the owners of Adventure Balloons retired in December 2022, they chose Virgin Balloon Flights to take on their passengers due to our long-standing excellent reputation in the industry and exceptional levels of customer experience.

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With more than 100 launch sites across the UK and dozens in the South East, no other operator has the choice or coverage of Virgin Balloon Flights.

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Why Virgin Balloon Flights?

UK hot air balloon rides are something special and Virgin was chosen by British School Of Ballooning's owners to bring the same unforgettable, personalised flight experience to its passengers.

Our local pilots and crew have been flying in the South East for years and bring that extra, unique touch that only comes from a Virgin company.

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