Devon Hot Air Balloon Rides

Drift Above Devon's Stunning Countryside

Discover Devon from a whole new angle – up in the skies! With its lush green landscapes, charming villages, and vast national parks, Devon is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable hot air balloon adventure. While we can't quite soar directly over the sea, you'll still have a whale of a time above Devon's beautiful countryside!

Hot Air Balloon Experiences in Devon

Why Choose A Devon Hot Air Balloon Ride

Gifting the magical experience of a hot air balloon ride above Devon will show you a brand-new perspective as you serenely float over vast forests and rolling green hills. This adventure promises breathtaking views, tranquillity, and a sense of wonder, making it the perfect experience gift for any special occasion. Plus, it’s the only way to get a bird's-eye view without needing wings!

Devon Hot Air Balloon Launch Sites

From our launch sites in Okehampton, Tiverton, and Exeter, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind view of lush countryside and rolling hills. From Dartmoor's rugged beauty to the River Exe's winding path and the historic charm of Exeter's skyline, you are in for an unforgettable adventure high up in the clouds. Although we are unable to fly you directly over the coast, who needs it when the countryside is this stunning?


Go up, up and away on an unforgettable Devon hot air balloon ride for an airborne adventure like no other. Marvel at the beautiful and dramatic landscape of

Learn more about a hot air balloon ride Okehampton


Adventure awaits when you go up, up and away for an unforgettable Devon hot air balloon experience. Take to the skies from the beautiful market down of Tiverton and enjoy breath-takingly…

Learn more about a hot air balloon ride Tiverton

Exeter (Cullompton)

Experience the skies over the land of cream teas with a spectacular Exeter hot air balloon ride. Go up, up and away over beautiful Devon when you hop on board our iconic big red Virgin…

Learn more about a hot air balloon ride Cullompton

Hot Air Balloon Festivals Devon

On the lookout for a bigger event? Visit Devonshire Balloon Festival, a spectacular celebration of colour and flight! Experience the magic of hot air balloons filling the skies over Devon’s stunning landscapes. With live entertainment, local food stalls, and family-friendly activities, it's a weekend of fun and adventure in the heart of Devon!

Devonshire Balloon Festival

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Devonshire countryside, this annual event promises a weekend of enchantment, wonder and sky high adventure. With a dazzling array of hot air balloons…

Learn more about a hot air balloon ride Exeter

Balloon Rides Near Devon

Hot air balloon rides just outside Devon also offer equally stunning views. From our launch sites in Launceston, you might see the picturesque Cornish countryside and historic Launceston Castle. In Taunton, enjoy views of the beautiful Quantock Hills, the River Tone, and the charming townscape of Taunton itself.


Join us for a spectacular Cornwall hot air balloon ride experience of a lifetime. Take to the skies in our majestic big red balloon from Launceston, the ancient capital of…

Learn more about a hot air balloon ride Launceston


For miles of unspoilt countryside, choose one of our fabulous Somerset hot air balloon rides. Enjoy this stunning county from on high as you drift serenely through the sky in our beautiful…

Learn more about a hot air balloon ride Taunton

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these flight vouchers only valid for the Devon region?

No, Virgin Balloon Flights Vouchers are valid nationwide – simply purchase your balloon ride vouchers and you will be able to book at over 100 launch sites nationwide.

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