Tyne & Wear Hot Air Balloon Rides

Glide Above the Stunning Views Near Tyne & Wear

Experience the stunning beauty of Tyne & Wear from a hot air balloon. Soar over iconic landmarks like Durham Cathedral and Castle, and enjoy breathtaking views of the River Wear as it winds through lush countryside. Marvel at the region’s blend of historic sites, picturesque villages, and rolling hills, making every balloon ride an unforgettable adventure. Discover the charm and scenic landscapes that make Tyne & Wear truly special from above. Whether at sunrise or sunset, each flight promises memories that will last a lifetime.

Nearby, the Northumberland Balloon Festival offers a magical experience with colourful balloons, exciting activities, and a friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal spot to create lasting memories with loved ones.

Hot Air Balloon Experiences in Tyne & Wear

Balloon Rides Near Tyne & Wear

If you’re near Tyne & Wear, several nearby hot air balloon launch sites offer captivating experiences. Just a 45-minute to one-hour drive from the Tyne & Wear border, you can explore the beauty of Durham with its historic cathedral and castle, or enjoy the vibrant Northumberland Balloon Festival. Each site promises unforgettable ballooning adventures, showcasing the stunning landscapes and charming villages of the region.


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Northumberland Balloon Festival

The Northumberland Balloon Festival is a magical experience for everyone. See colourful balloons float gracefully over the beautiful Northumberland landscape. With exciting activities,…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these flight vouchers only valid for the Tyne & Wear region?

No, Virgin Balloon Flights Vouchers are valid nationwide – simply purchase your balloon ride vouchers and you will be able to book at over 100 launch sites nationwide.

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