Hot Air Balloon Rides in Yorkshire

Watch Yorkshire's Historic Landscape Unfurl Beneath You

Whether you're seeking outdoor adventure, cultural experiences, or simply moments of tranquility amidst stunning scenery, Yorkshire's natural beauty offers an unforgettable escape for all.

Take flight on this epic bucket list experience and watch in awe as this vast historic landscapes unfurl beneath you. Yorkshire hot air balloon experiences offer an unparalleled opportunity to soak in the stunning landscapes of North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Hot Air Balloon Experiences in Yorkshire

Why Choose A Yorkshire Hot Air Balloon Ride

Launching from iconic locations such as York, Leeds, Sheffield, and Doncaster. Skyward adventurers can marvel at the lush green fields, winding rivers, and charming villages below. Embark on a journey filled with awe inspiring vistas and unforgettable moments with Virgin Balloon Flights in Yorkshire.

North Yorkshire Hot Air Balloon Rides


Appreciate the true beauty of a magnificent city when you take to the skies on a York hot air balloon ride. Enjoy the flying experience of a lifetime in our iconic big red balloon as you go…

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Wetherby Racecourse (Yorkshire)

Discover the stunning landscapes of Wetherby from a new perspective with a hot air balloon ride from the iconic racecourse launch site. As you soar high above the town, take in…

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Take flight on a truly unforgettable Leeds hot air balloon ride for a spectacular airborne adventure. With the stunning city skyline of Leeds to the west and glorious open countryside to…

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South Yorkshire Hot Air Balloon Rides


Take life higher on a Sheffield hot air balloon ride adventure of a lifetime. Right on the edge of the stunning Peak District national park, a flight in our big red balloon from here is…

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Hot Air Balloon Festivals Yorkshire

Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta

Renowned for its breathtaking mass launches of hot air balloons from across Europe, the Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta, which relocated from York Racecourse to Castle Howard in 2023, has become a staple…

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Doncaster Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Doncaster Hot Air Balloon Festival is a delightful event for all ages. Watch the sky come alive with colourful balloons over South Yorkshire, creating a stunning view against the…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these flight vouchers only valid for the Yorkshire region?

No, Virgin Balloon Flights Vouchers are valid nationwide – simply purchase your balloon ride vouchers and you will be able to book at over 100 launch sites nationwide.

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