22 Virgin Balloon Flights In 21 Years For Worcester Couple

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You know somebody loves hot air balloons when they reach a record number of flights as passengers.

Since 1998, when Phil took his first one on his 50th birthday, and Karen experienced her first one independently as well, the couple booked flights together every year.

Over time, their love for balloon traveling determined them to book rides more than once a year.

From Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta To Ballooning Dream In Tuscany

After flying from Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, they recently experienced Telford Balloon Fiesta for the first time.

Next on their list features a flight from Bristol Fiesta, also this year.

They shared with us what their top goal in balloon travelling is - to view Tuscany from above.

With such an impressive number of flights on board, Karen enjoys both the thrill and the beauty of travelling in a balloon.

She explains how the sense of adventure makes a big part of the appeal:

“I find balloon flights so appealing as one gently and steadily rise into the sky.

"Then flying along and not knowing where we will be going, but the sense of freedom.

"It is such a beautiful calm way of travelling and the surprise of where the flight will end.”

Balloon Flights Motivated Karen When Diagnosed With Cancer

Her passion helped Karen through the dark times of being diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago.

The thought of feeling well enough again to return in a basket under our red balloons motivated her.

“It was the one thing I used as a target after having cancer - getting well enough to climb back in a basket”, says Karen.

As they chose to fly with us 22 times out of the 26 completed flights so far, Karen says it wasn’t just a coincidence.

“We knew then that it had to be Virgin flights for us in this country.

“I had been having one a year but it made me go for more each year as it relaxes me so much. The Virgin pilots are wonderful and I trust them to give us a super experience.”

Want to experience for yourself just why a hot air balloon ride with us is so very special?

Check out our list of around 100 locations across the UK here.