Kathlyn Cracknell of Halstead Essex took to the skies with pilot Chris Wood last week and became the oldest passenger to ever fly in his balloon.

“I can’t ever remember flying anyone of that age. Kathlyn thoroughly enjoyed the flight and it was great to have her on board” said Chris.

Kathlyn and her friend Brenda, who she has lived with for the past seven years brought the balloon flight vouchers to celebrate Kathlyn’s birthday last year and got in the air at the beginning of 2011’s flight season.

When asking Brenda what Kathlyn enjoyed about the flight, she said “All of it! She was happy to gaze down on her beloved England and feel the serenity of it all. She was delighted by the sights she saw: the patchwork of fields, the roads, cars, people and animals. She saw a train, a light aircraft landing, and was particularly pleased to see a herd of deer. Kathy’s sense of humour came to the fore when she claimed to have seen her bloomers hanging on the line as we passed over Halstead.”

‘Honoured’ to be Chris’ oldest passenger Kathlyn swears her longevity is down to ‘pure thoughts’ and is making plans to fly with us again when she reaches one hundred.

Welcome to our hall of fame Kathlyn!