As we draw close to the end of our flying season for 2010 our hot air balloon flyers can often be treated to a wonderful autumnal balloon ride, as Philip Rose of Batley, Yorkshire, found out on Monday this week. The weather wasn’t on the side of our morning flyers but by the afternoon flying conditions had improved to allow for a truly amazing flight above the historic city of York. In fact, 2 of our balloons were up simultaneously allowing the York Racecourse flyers to see the flyers scheduled from Ripley Castle from their airborne basket.
View York flight above the Clouds by Philip Rose 11.10.10
Philip Rose and his fellow passengers were treated to wonderful views of the clouds, with the sun bursting into light and cloud tops resembling ice fields. Philip’s two daughters purchased the ballooning experience for their Dad the previous Christmas as it was something he had never done before. After 4 previous attempts to get airborne with us Philip was successful this time around and agreed that it really was an experience well worth waiting for. When asked what his favourite part of the flight was Philip said: “When you’re up there and no one is talking and the burners are off it is so serene and peaceful.” It certainly looks it from his amazing pictures which we discovered after he posted a link to his album on our Facebook page. To get an amazing Christmas gift with a difference starting from just £99 take a look at our range of vouchers or give our customer service team a call on 01952 212750. See you in the sky!