What Are Christmas Dreams?

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Firstly, you have the film Christmas Dreams, which is a marvellous spectacular no matter the season, which is the perfect musical adventure for young and old alike. Two great Christmas stories come together in one heartwarming tale as The Little Drummer Boy meets The Nutcracker Princess as a poor but talented little drummer boy seeks to win the friendship of the pretty girl he knows from the playground.

As far as Christmas films go, this one is a classic as you combine all the elements of Christmas under one gooey story! It’s no ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Elf,’ but you get all the wishes you want from this film!

Another form of Christmas dreaming is what the most common dreams are about Christmas. Most of us have a positive association with dreaming about Christmas as they emphasise feelings of togetherness, play, and creativity.

However, some find that festive dreams can remind us of all the things that can go wrong, and we’re not just talking about burning the sprouts on the 25th! Experts have found the holidays can bring out the deepest fears in people, ranging from anxious nightmares to recalling loved ones over this poignant time.

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The final element of dreams that can be applied to festive fantasies is that of actual Christmas lists. We all have main dreams we want to fulfill on Christmas, but do we really need all these materialistic things we think we want?

How many pairs of slippers can one person have, perfume sets, or even one of those machines that cut potatoes?

Consider experiences over physical gifts as we are fast approaching a culture that just buys throw-away gifts. We’re so keen to feel like the recipient is getting a quick present instead of a thoughtful one that we are not only wasting money, but we’re also doing the planet no favours with all the extra packaging and filling of landfills!

Many people have bucket lists and dreams of what they want to do in life; Taking a hot air balloon ride is always top of those lists. Help your loved one achieve their Christmas dreams by buying them a balloon ride voucher and letting them experience happiness that will last a lifetime, not eventually end up in the bin!

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