Hello, readers of the Mile High Blog! It’s Cookie the Pomeranian here, the official mascot and office dog for Virgin Balloon Flights.

As those of you who have read some of my adventures earlier this year already know, I’m a rather pampered pooch who loves the finer things in life.

Because of my excellent taste, I’ve been invited by the team here to post some of my Christmas gift ideas for the whole family, including the most important ones – the pets!

Pets At Home

Have you ever wondered what we pets get up to at home when you’re out?

This indoor wifi camera from Iwantoneofthose.com means you need to wonder no more! It connects to your smartphone so you can see exactly what we’re doing when you’re not home.

I go to work with my dad most days but this would be great for keeping an eye on what my mum and two big sisters Amee and Milli get up to while I’m up here in Telford.

Food is something else we dogs love and it seems edible treats are a very popular gift among many people at Christmas.

While I’m not actually a big fan of doggie treats myself – unless we’re talking a pilfered McDonald’s cheeseburger of course – most of my fellow canine chums love them.

These personalised ceramic dog treat jars from dfordog.co.uk would look great in any kitchen as they come in lots of different colours.

Supporting Others

I know I’m a lucky dog. In fact, I would even go as far as to say I am a pampered pooch but not all animals are as lucky as I am.

So why not help some of the animal world’s most endangered species this Christmas by adopting an animal as your gift to a loved one?

From Siberian tigers to African elephants, our friends over at Virgin Experience Days have a range of adoption options and could be just the gift for the person who ‘has everything.

For The Family

Of course, Christmas is more about giving than it is receiving so here are a few things I think my human family would like Father Christmas to bring them.

Most people seem to spend a lot of their lives on the Internet these days and I’m told one of their favourite ways to get online is through a tablet (although I tend to just hop on one of the PCs in the office).

Available from just about every high street electrical store, you can pay anything from about £50 for a small Android tablet to more than £600 for an Apple iPad with mobile data.

They’re a great way to stay connected while out and about.

Musical Moments

Everyone has a favourite song these days (even me) and I really like this personalised soundwave print, which turns the tune of your choice into a great picture for your wall.

Or for those who remember the joy of receiving a personalised ‘mix tape’ of your favourite songs or even creating your own from a CD or the radio as a teenager in your room, bring the idea right up to date with this USB Mix Tape from IWOOT. Find this and a host of other ideas for USB gadgets and toys.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what my favourite song is, no it isn’t ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ – it’s ‘Man Of The Hour’ by Norah Jones.

Reaching New Heights

Even if my dad Kenneth didn’t run the UK’s biggest commercial hot air balloon rides company, I’d still think a balloon flight was an amazing Christmas present.

I often hear people talking about what they should buy someone ‘who already has everything’ and always let them know with a few short barks that a hot air balloon ride would be perfect – I’m not sure they always understand what I’m saying though!

There are plenty of lovely Christmas gift packages to choose from and even an instantly delivered email voucher if you really do leave things until the last minute on Christmas Eve.

My Favourite Time Of Year

I love Christmas.

And while I do enjoy the material things in life, the thing I like most about this time of year is simply spending time with my family.

Although eating as much Christmas turkey as I can does come in a close second.

Have a great Christmas everyone - I know I will.

Love and Doggy Kisses