We know it was Valentine’s Day yesterday but the love here at Virgin Balloon Flights has spilled into today. We want to tell you a hot air balloon love story ….

After meeting his girlfriend on Match.com, 26-year-old romantic Adam Worbey quite rightly thought a hot air balloon ride over the Bedfordshire countryside would be the perfect setting for a surprise proposal to Rachel Grimmer, also 26.

On the 23rd of April last year their flight was due to take off from Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire, but due to stormy weather forecasts the flight was moved to Shuttleworth Park in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

“We got there at about 5 pm, and sat out on the grass in the glorious sunshine on a small picnic blanket. It got to 5:45 when the Virgin Balloon Flights van and balloon basket turned up. Rachel realised that I had possibly led her there under false pretences. Excited, we all helped to inflate the balloon before we all got in, and set off up into the glorious blue sky.”

“The atmosphere in the balloon was something I have never experienced before and it took both of us by surprise because it was so very peaceful up in the air with just the wind directing us where it saw fit. We had amazing views over Bedfordshire, we could see for miles. When we got to around 3500ft, I reached into my camera bag to 'change the lens on my camera' but instead pulled out a small box with a ring in it. I then got down on one knee, as much as you can do when confined in the balloon basket and went to propose. It was unfortunate that at that very moment, the pilot needed to put the burners on (they're LOUD!).....and so I waited nearly 10 seconds with the ring box open before I could ask her. She of course said yes straight away, followed by much crying and nodding, and then the other passengers in the balloon all congratulated us.”

“We landed just outside Henlow, both buzzing from what had just happened before we phoned our families and enjoyed a Champagne toast to top-off the experience.”

“We were so lucky that on our first attempt to have our balloon flight, the weather was not only kind to us, but it was glorious, especially considering we were told by the pilot that ours was the only flight to have gone up in the whole of the south of England. This was due to the pending stormy weather that was experienced over the Easter weekend, with many Met Office weather warnings being issued.”

“We both liked how involved everyone is in everything from unloading the balloon off the trailer and its inflation to its deflation in Henlow. Involving everyone made it more of an experience rather than it being just a ride. The overall experience was brilliant and we would recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to have a flight, I know my parents want to sign up too following our experience. Hopefully, we will be able to repeat the experience on an anniversary or birthday in the future.”

“I would definitely go with Virgin again, as everything was exactly as imagined. The perfect day that couldn't have been more perfect!”

The happy couple will be tying the knot at St James' Church, Little Paxton, Cambs, on 4th May 2013. There’ll even be a Virgin Balloon Flights theme!

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