Why A Hot Air Balloon Flight Is The Perfect Autumn Gift Experience

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As the seasons change and the autumn months approach, this time of year is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and taking in all the beauty that autumn has to offer.

There are lots of activities to enjoy during autumn, such as going for a hike, enjoying a hot drink outdoors, or simply taking a walk in the park.

Before the real cold weather arrives, take advantage of the great outdoors by doing the ultimate outdoor activity: a hot air balloon flight.

If you're looking for the top fun things to do with your family this October, we've got the answers here.

Our Autumn Day Out And Gift Guide

A Long Walk Finished By A Pub Lunch

There's nothing like heading into the pub, feeling the warm air hit your face, and then sitting down for a proper roast.

Treat someone you love to a special day out with some delicious food.

Pumpkin Carving

It's spooky season! Get the carving knives out and create some fun and fabulous shapes to display proudly outside the house! Pumpkin carving is a great way to spend a rainy October day!

Fun For The Kids

  • Build a den: Teach the kids how to really get in touch with nature by having competitions to create outdoor dens and forts, all with the things they find around!
  • Wellie Walks: Get those wellies on and splash in some puddles! If you're feeling particularly messy, there is always room to bake some mud cakes!
  • Conkers: Probably one of the oldest autumn traditional games, Conkers is a fun and simple way to spend some time-and will even bring some memories back when parents get involved too!

A hot air balloon flight:

Autumn is an amazing time to take a hot air balloon flight. Not only can you see the trees change colour from above, but it is a great way to spend time with the whole family before it gets too cold!

A balloon flight is perfect for Christmas present ideas and is the perfect gift to show someone not only the world but also how much you care.

There's something about being up in the sky, surrounded by the vibrant colours of autumn foliage, that makes the adventure a truly magical and memorable experience.

We might have a slight bias towards the trees turning red as it matches our beautiful red balloons!

After your flight, enjoy a post-landing toast at the landing site with a choice between prosecco or orange juice.

Hot air balloons have the best view of this season change, so get ready to take off into this beautiful season.

Here at Virgin Balloon Flights, we pride ourselves on being one of the more unusual experience day providers on the market, and we have some fantastic offers on our balloon flights right now.

Either purchase through our website or call a member of our customer service team to help with our simple buying experience both online and over the phone.

Take your eyes to the skies and enjoy a sunrise or sunset flight, watching the the leaves fall off the trees as we say goodbye to summer and fly onwards and upwards towards winter!

Read our guide on how to prepare for a balloon flight.

However, here's a few little helpful tips for when you're taking to the air in autumn:

  • In the autumn months, wear a few extra layers. Remember, you are outside!
  • Get a better look from the skies and pack your binoculars.
  • Those cool, crisp mornings are still very bright, so don't forget those shades.

Bit chilly for you?

Don't worry! As the seasons change, so do the ballooning industries seasons too. Our flights will be available next March when you can get ready to hop into spring.

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