So who’d have thought that a London based builder would determine the meet time for your balloon flight? [caption id="attachment_192" align="aligncenter" width="120"]William Willett - DST Advocator William Willett - DST Advocator[/caption] William Willett, a London builder, was the man behind the idea for daylight saving time (DST) back in 1916 and since then we have changed our clocks backwards and forwards on the last Sunday in March and October to ensure we make the most of daylight! The clocks have now changed so make sure you double check your meeting time on your confirmation flight line before embarking on your voyage with Virgin Balloon Flights. To give you a rough idea, here’s the approximate meet times according to the time of year; Mid March to end March: 07:00AM & 15:30PM Beginning to mid April: 07:00AM & 17:00PM Mid April to mid May: 06:30AM & 17:30PM Mid May to end May: 06:00AM & 18:00PM June and July: 06:00AM & 18:30PM Beginning to mid August: 06:00AM & 18:00PM Mid August to end August: 06:30AM & 17:30PM Beginning to mid September: 07:00AM & 17:00PM Mid September to end September: 07:30AM & 16:30PM October: 08:00AM & 15:00PM November: 07:00AM & 13:30PM Please note the exact meeting time and location will be provided on your flight line prior to your flight. For any other FAQ's please visit our website or refer to your brochure. Happy flying!