Petal confetti from a hot air balloon ride

Beautiful Moments Made into Beautiful Memories with Petal Confetti

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A hot air balloon ride is such a magical experience, that throwing petal confetti from the basket seems such a perfect fit!

Petals symbolise many things such as good luck and happiness but the most intriguing sentiment attached to dried flowers comes from a Feng Shui saying "Trust what your heart is thinking."

Hot air balloon ride with dried petals

This is very pertinent to petals and hot air balloon rides as Virgin Balloon Flights have teamed up with Shropshire Petals to celebrate anything your heart desires! You could mark a birthday, a proposal, any special occasion, or a life.

The celebration of life might seem a bit of a surprising statement as losing a loved one is as far from the sentiment of celebrating as you can get. But the symbolism of petals gliding effortlessly across the open skies brings real peace to someone hoping to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Scattering dried petals from a hot air balloon

We often get asked if customers can bring the ashes of loved ones to throw from the basket but with the unpredictable wind thousands of feet in the air, it's hard to predict where the ashes will end up. So, the closest possible replacement is biodegradable petals as they have the same effect but with a happier form of sentimentalism behind them.

Petal confetti from a Virgin balloon ride

Our petals, sourced from the local farm at Shropshire Petals, are a mix of yellow, pink, cherry, and blue delphiniums and calendula grown on the farm and lovingly picked ready to be thrown.

The petals floating from the basket are such a serene sight that this will really make a unique experience even more extraordinary! Beautiful moments will be made into beautiful memories!

They will be sent to you in glassine sachets after you add them to your order when buying balloon flights from Virgin Balloon Flights.

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos when using them at #floatfetti so we can see the unique partnership in action!

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