hot air balloon flight selfie After being unlucky with the weather on many occasions, Adrian, from Longstanton, Cambridge was thrilled when his flight from Bourne Airfield went ahead one beautiful April evening. The Cambridge ballooning adventure was an anniversary gift, bought by his wife Fiona. setting up a hot air balloon “We used to see the Virgin hot air balloons fly over our house, which I think is what gave my wife the idea to buy me one. The Longstanton launch site then moved to Bourne Airfield, but I was still keen to experience it – the flight was incredible and I’d definitely do it again. “It was well worth the wait. Going through cancellations is disappointing, especially if the weather seems fine when you look out the window, but safety has to come first and I totally respect that.” view from a hot air balloon Drift Over Your Home Town Even though Adrian flew from Bourne Airfield, he was still able to fly near his home town – something he has always wanted to. “On the afternoon of my flight it was a perfect clear day, there is a bit of a haze during the first part of the experience, but that soon cleared as we drifted towards my home town of Longstanton. “Although it was a full basket with 16 passengers, it was actually very quiet and peaceful – I think everyone was so in awe of the views.” An Extraordinary Experience Adrian describes the once-in-a-lifetime experience in one word: “The best word I can think of to describe the experience is ‘extraordinary’ – it fulfilled all my expectations and was well worth the wait. Pictured above: Adrian captures the lovely sunshine view on his Cambridge balloon ride.