This year's Bristol Balloon Fiesta saw two very special guests join us for the first mass ascent on Friday, 11th August.

Former JLS band member JB Gill and wife Chloe took time out from their busy farming schedule to experience the peace and tranquillity of a hot air balloon ride.

Now the star of the CBeebies show ‘Down on the Farm’, JB left the glamour of singing behind and now runs his own farm with Chloe and their son Ace, who is nearly three.

Telling us about his sky-experience after landing, JB said:

“Seeing the whole process, from the balloon flying flat on the ground to then being in the basket floating over the city, has just been incredible,” said JB.

“I’d definitely do it again. It was very calming. I didn’t know quite what to expect, to be honest. I’ve always wanted to travel in a hot air balloon, and it’s been brilliant to have this experience with Virgin Balloon Flights.

The couple said it was a unique experience that they would never forget and that they’d like to take Ace next time to make some sky-high memories as a family.

“The flight was very surreal. It was incredible to take in the scenery and enjoy the ride. It was really interesting to fly over Bristol itself and then the surrounding countryside, as you saw that contrast between the two.

“When you’re in the balloon looking down, part of you is like, ‘how is this even working?’ but it’s really cool and calm."

Watch the airborne interview in Hello magazine. JB talks about farm life, keeping in touch with the JLS boys, and more. has also offered a run-down of our exciting goings on at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

Saturday and Sunday at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Not forgetting, of course, our Fiesta flights on Saturday and Sunday, which saw spectacular scenes from Ashton Court.

We even had a few little helpers during Saturday's landing when many local children came to watch us land and had great fun helping the team pack everything away.

All in all, we think JB sums it up pretty nicely.

See you all next year for the 40th anniversary at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2018!