The day of your balloon flight is quickly arriving, the excitement is building, and you’ve got one last step before the flight is set in stone, time to call the Flight Line!

Once you have booked your flight, you will receive a ‘Booking Confirmation Email’. This email will have the Flightline number, but what should you do!?

‘I’m ballooning mad to get flying, what do I need to do next?’ Well, good question! It's as easy as 1… 2… (There is no 3)!’

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First off, you’ll need to know whether you’re on the AM or PM flight as well as what time of year you’re flying, this way you’ll be able to call the Flightline number at the right time.

1. If your flight time is

Call your flight line at this time:

AM & DAY Flights

from 11 pm the night before your flight

PM Flights (September to March)

from 12 noon on the day of your flight

PM Flights (April to August)

from 2 pm on the day of your flight

The message that you will hear is a recorded message from the pilot. Make sure that you listen to the message carefully and that the update on this flight line is for your flight and not from the previous flight!

2. Plan your route!

Please plan your route to all possible launch sites in advance and allow plenty of time to get there! On the occasion that you miss you’re flight unfortunately your voucher will be void. If you need to cancel this flight, then please do so online no less than 3 days before the flight (not including the day of the flight itself within those 3 days).

What time could my flight be at?

Meeting times vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Your exact meeting time will be confirmed on your flight line, but here is a rough idea for you:

Time of Year






Start April to mid-April



Mid-April to mid-May



Mid-May to end May



June and July



Start August to mid-August



Mid-August to end August



Start September to mid-September



Mid-September to end September









These are only approximate times, which can vary by an hour each way and depend on weather conditions and regional variations.
Call your flight line for your exact time.

Why could my flight be moved to a backup site?

Sometimes a flight will be moved to a backup site because the forecast conditions are not flyable at the original launch site, this could be due to the wind direction not being suitable (i.e. going towards a large town, an airport, or out to sea) or because the site is otherwise unavailable or unsafe to fly from.

The use of backup sites gives flights improved chances of going ahead and your pilot will advise you of this on your flight line. If this happens you will need to attend the flight at the back-up launch site at your own cost or your voucher will become invalid, and you will be required to buy a new voucher to fly.

Please ensure that you have all maps, directions, and transport arrangements in place to get to all of the potential launch sites on the day of your flight.

Make sure you're "fit to fly"

It is important that passengers are satisfied they are physically able to take part, that they can climb into the basket, stand unassisted for an hour, and adopt the seated landing position, which will be explained by the pilot.

They should also be sure they don't have any pre-existing medical conditions that could be affected by the ballooning experience and seek medical advice if unsure.

We are unable to fly passengers who are pregnant. Children must be aged seven or over and at least 4ft 6in tall. Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult.

For further information please visit our FAQs.

Happy Flying!