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Commute in Style: Travel to Europe via Hot Air Balloon - April Fool

It would be pretty cool to do balloon flights from Blighty to Europe but sadly they're not possible - this blog is an April Fool's joke from 2016.
We're sorry if anyone got their hopes up but hot air balloons can't be 'steered' in the same way as other aircraft, so even if we could offer flights to Europe, you honestly could end up anywhere on the continent!

Fly Europe Hot Air Balloon Map

We've been taking passengers up, up and away across incredible UK landscapes for over 21 years, so now it's time to take life higher and introduce our new range of European flights.

Travel in style. Fly to over 20 European destinations for £99 in a hot air balloon.

Champagne toast, duty-free shopping and transfers included.

From Paris to Milan, Berlin to Barcelona with our new European flight service you can avoid the airport cues and arrive at your business meeting, short break or celebratory weekend in style.

Hot Air Balloon Paris

Launching from over 100 locations in the UK, you can be sure one of our unique flights is scheduled to lift off just around the corner.

New locations of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports have also been added allowing customers from Europe easy and scenic connections onto our sister company, Virgin Atlantic’s long haul destinations including Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Barbados.

With this being a Virgin flight of course means you’ll be travelling in style with a glass of Champagne included and duty-free shopping available for those last minute gifts.

Our fleet of big red balloons include some of the biggest in the industry, so we’re firm believers of the whole size matters concept. With this in mind, we’re starting this new service big, with 20 European cities to choose from, including Prague, Lisbon, and Paris. Full list of arrival points available on our locations page.

Hot Air Balloon Prague
Hot Air Balloon Venice

Hot air balloons travel with the wind, so the exact arrival points depend purely on where the adventure takes you – part of the fun with this unique way to commute.

The once-in-a-lifetime flight experience also includes a transfer service to your desired location in the city.

With flights from just £99pp, basket space won’t be available long, so if you’ve got somewhere you need to be or fancy treating yourself to a well-deserved break, book your flight today. Select your National Weekday Morning Flight and use code FlyEurope at the checkout.

Float fabulous. Take Life Higher. Arrive in Style.

Terms and conditions:

  • Hand luggage only – our baskets are big, but not quite big enough for your large Gucci case.
  • £99pp flights are for National Weekday Morning Flights only. Departing from over 100 launch sites across the UK.

The Flight Experience:

  • The duration of your flight depends on wind speeds and your take off point.
  • In-flight entertainment in the form of stunning views provided.
  • Champagne toast provided.
  • Duty-free shopping available once the aircraft has reached heights of up to 1,500ft, as well as the opportunity to purchase in-flight photos.
  • Pilot briefing before take-off included. Pilot’s happy to answer any questions throughout your flight.
  • Landing locations depend on exact wind directions. However, a transfer service to your desired location in the city is also provided.
  • You may even be lucky enough to experience a basket tip after landing. A fun ending to your flight and it saves you having to climb out! Again your pilot will explain details of this on the day.

Your Ticket to the Skies:

  • Balloon flights are weather dependant. No one wants to spend their holiday in the rain or in high-winds. This also offers the perfect excuse to re-schedule that business trip you didn’t really fancy taking up in the cold.
  • If your flight is cancelled your ticket validity will be extended by six months giving you plenty of time to re-book your European adventure.
  • Our flying season runs from March – October.
  • Flights are scheduled six – eight weeks in advance. Booking operates on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Booking can be completed online after you have purchased your flight ticket and created an account. Alternatively our call centre team are on hand 7 days a week on 01952 212750 and can book you onto a flight
  • Full terms and conditions here.

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