Over the years we’ve had loads of passengers who are nervous flyers. However, they say the best way to overcome your fears is to face them, and many people have done just that. Couple on hot air balloon flight Chris Carter from Leicestershire is one of our most recent nervous flyers. He accompanied his wife Lisa on a sunrise flight from Grantham (Stoke Rochford Hall). Pictured Left: Chris and Lisa on their Virgin Hot Air Balloon Ride. “I originally purchased the balloon flight voucher as a Christmas gift for my wife. She’s always been fascinated with hot air balloons ever since she watched the TV show Wacaday when Timmy Mallet flew in a balloon over Kenya,” says Chris. “When it came to booking the flight Lisa made it quite clear that she wasn’t going to go on her own and she wanted to share the experience with me. “I was a reluctant flyer, and quite nervous at the prospect of going up in a balloon.” Despite feeling apprehensive Chris wasn’t going to let Lisa down and faced to his fears by taking the short trip to their launch site in Grantham. On the Day of the Balloon Flight…. “We were the first to arrive, so we rang our pilot, Rebecca, to double check that we were in the right location. Soon afterwards more passengers began to arrive - many of them had been unlucky and had flights cancelled due to bad weather. Fortunately for us this was our first booking and the weather conditions were perfect for launch.” The invitation to help inflate the balloon was ideal an ideal way for passengers to get to know each other and also eased Chris’s nerves. “The experience was pleasantly very ‘hands on’ with the majority of the passengers mucking in and helping with the balloon inflation. I think everybody was taken aback by the sheer size of the balloon.” Hot air balloon passengers on flight Pictured left: Chris, Lisa and their fellow passengers take in incredible views over the Staffordshire countryside. Our Pilot Made us Feel Completely Safe… Chris’s worries were quickly diminished after the smooth, gentle take-off and their pilot’s professional, friendly nature ensured the couple that they were in great hands. “The launch was strange as you’re sat down and don’t realise how quickly you take-off because it’s such a smooth experience. Hot air balloon selfie stick“Rebecca put us at total ease throughout the flight. She answered all questions, pointed out interesting views and had the most amazing selfie stick – the camera was rigged up on ropes and was several feet away from the balloon, so ideal for taking photos. Views from hot air balloon ride of Staffordshire Pictured above: Our very own selfie camera and breath-taking views of the Staffordshire countryside. Finishing the Experience in Style Chirs said all passengers on their flight seemed to enjoy the balloon ride and the ‘mucking in’ aspect made the experience even more fun. "We landed near Stamford and everyone got involved with the packing up of the balloon afterwards, which we all enjoyed. “The Champagne toast was also a lovely way to round-off the experience.” Smiles in the sky on a hot air balloon flight Chris’s tip for future passengers: “The Champagne is served in a silver goblet, so it’s best to have a little drink of water in the goblet first, as the champagne then pours better afterwards.” Second Sky High Experience on the Horizon? Chris and Lisa plan to take their daughter Madeleine up in a flight so she can experience the magic too. “Madeleine can’t wait to be tall enough to experience a hot air balloon ride. We’d definitely go again and I’ll be much less nervous the next time. sitting down on a hot air balloonPictured left: Lisa enjoying the sunshine He also points out that passengers should prepare themselves for cancellations due to the ‘great’ British weather. “I think that patience is key when booking as our weather can be very temperamental. “Our flight was brought forward by an hour and we moved launch locations due to the weather conditions. From speaking to our fellow passengers, quite a few had experienced flight cancellations, so we definitely felt lucky to fly on our first attempt. “Despite my initial reservations about going in a balloon, I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Pilot Rebecca Cains offers her advice for people with flying fears. “I have never flown anyone who has not enjoyed it, despite how nervous they may have been. You need to just feel the fear and do it anyway, you will not be sorry, just enlightened.” Chris’s Advice for People Nervous About the Flight…. “Just go for it! You'll never forget the experience.” Chris Describes Ballooning in Three Words…. “Tranquil, serene, amazing.”