Newlyweds Deborah and Steve started married life on a high with a hot air balloon ride in Scotland. Deborah wanted to buy Steve an experience day wedding gift and thought a balloon flight was just the ticket.

“I had already done a balloon flight many years ago over Egypt and it was so magical that I really wanted to share the experience with Steve.”

Deborah managed to keep the unique couple's activity a secret before the morning of their flight. This was to keep the present a surprise and also to save his nerves as Steve had always been petrified of heights!

Saying Thank You with a Serene Adventure

The couple had chosen Scotland as their honeymoon destination.

“Both sets of parents and Steve had always spoken about their love for Scotland, so it seemed like a perfect choice. We're nature lovers so being in the middle of nowhere really appealed to us.”

Deborah and Steve had originally planned to get married in 2015 but had to postpone when Deborah’s mum sadly passed away due to cancer.

“Steve was my rock through it all and anyone who helps you up in your darkest days deserves to be with you in your happiest moments - the balloon flight was a special way to say thank you.”

A Scottish Honeymoon Adventure

“When I discovered the flight was going ahead, I immediately told him the news,” said Deborah.

“He was delighted, but also a bit apprehensive. We both felt really lucky to fly on our first booking attempt and on our honeymoon – it was so special.”

After arriving at their launch site in Perth, Steve’s nerves began to heighten.

“I joked that I hadn’t seen him so pale since walking down the aisle the week before,” laughed Deborah.

Lose Yourself and Reach Cloud Nine

“Kate and her team were incredible and gave Steve so much confidence that he became lost in the moment and loved every second.”

The couple were treated to some breathtaking views over the rolling Scottish countryside, waving to the farmers who tooted their tracker horns on the way.

“The landing was perfect, much better than my previous experience abroad where we came down in a tree,” said Deborah.

“The Champagne toast was a great way to round off the experience and we’ll treasure the photos forever.”

Steve and Deborah are already looking to fly again near to where they live in Kent, so they can float together over the Garden of England and magnificent sites such as Leeds Castle.

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