Cricket fan Stephan Rowe brilliantly captured the moment when Virgin Balloon Flights' Cornwall pilot Mandy Dickinson glided her balloon over his home town cricket team minutes before they sealed league victory.

Stephan, who has lived in St. Neot, Cornwall, all of his life and is the fifth generation of the Rowe family to attend the village school, has dedicated most of his life to the St. Neot Taverners cricket team.

The former treasurer, secretary and second team captain of the club was sidelined for this particular match due to a knee injury suffered earlier this year, but was on hand to witness this unusual sight.

“We were watching the conclusion of the match, St. Neot Taverners 1st XI vs. St. Austell 3rd XI when a shout game from the players to look out for the balloon as the Virgin hot air balloon came over the pavilion. It was very low and seemed to be losing height and coming into land so I started taking photos," said 37-year-old. “The game was in its conclusion and the St. Neot team were pushing hard to win their league (Cornwall Division 3 East) and fortunately went on to win the game and also finish as league winners,” he added.

One of Stephan's fantastic photographs was later published in the Western Morning News with a caption saying;

'It is an image so picturesquely framed that it almost seems to have come from the hand of a painter rather than a photographer. In the fading light of a lovely Bank Holiday weekend two cricket teams do battle on the flawless green of a Cornish pitch. Overhead a hot air balloon moves serenely through the sky, leaving the cricketers virtually undisturbed. The photograph captures St Neot Taverners 1st XI playing St. Austel 3rd XI at St Neot.'

Passengers onboad were treated to a wonderful balloon flight in perfect conditions and a grandstand view of the match. The balloon landed shortly after and everyone enjoyed a traditional champagne toast.

Congratulations to St. Neot Taverners for their league win and thanks to to Stephan for sharing this great photo!

More information about hot air balloon flights in Cornwall and throughout the South West is available here. To book a flight simply visit or call 01952 212750.