Our Halloween haunted launch site tale number four comes from our incredible Doncaster base - Cusworth Hall.

Situated just outside the village of Cusworth, this stunning 18th century country house boasts incredible parkland and architecture that’s best appreciated from the skies.

As well as being a popular South Yorkshire hot air balloon launch site and great day out, there have been many sightings and reports that the Doncaster site is haunted.

View the slideshow of imagery caught by Simply Ghost Nights during their investigation at Cusworth Hall - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmlDVQiZDNQ

To get into the spooky spirt this Halloween, we got in touch with Cusworth Hall’s Assistant Museums Officer Nicola Fox to uncover more.

Pictured above: the ghost of a young girl captured at Cusworth Hall

“We have heard many tales of paranormal activity,” says Nicola.

“Several people have reported seeing a young girl in period costume looking out from one of the first floor windows.”

Musical Mysterious

One of the scariest stories Nicola told us was when her colleague was locking up one night and heard the introductory Cusworth Hall video playing in one of the visitor rooms.

“When she heard the music she went to investigate, but found no one around and all our video equipment had been unplugged.

“We also used to have a piano on display in the entrance hall which one afternoon several staff members heard being played. When they went to kindly ask the visitors to leave the display alone, they found the lid closed with no one around.”

Frightening Footsteps

Nicola reveals that over the years there have been several instances of staff members hearing the sound of footsteps on upper levels of Cusworth Hall when there was no one on the upper floor.

“Our technician was once really spooked while working in the attic and hearing footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Thinking someone needed to speak to him, he stopped work and waited. However, the footsteps continued up to the roof level. He went out to see who it was, but found no one there and the door to the roof was locked.”

Spooky Rooftop Sights

When the museum first opened in 1967, Nicola says the hall was mostly left empty, but a security guard was employed to keep an eye on things.

“We’ve heard that he once saw a figure in 19th century clothing up on the roof. The security guard should have been the only person in the building.”

See Cusworth Hall from the Sky

Along with many a ghostly story to tell, the beautiful Georgian Hall offers the chance to step back in time.

Visit the museum or café and take an autumn walk around the beautiful lake and gardens.

Float in style and launch from Cusworth Hall in one of our iconic hot air balloons. Setting off at this incredible period building in a nostalgic method of air travel will be an adventure you’ll never forget.

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