It is easy for us to get stuck going through the motions and experiencing the same old routines in life. However, it is nice to break out of such cycles every now and then and try something different. If you are sick and tired of going to the same old restaurants and watching the same types of films with your partner, why don't you consider doing something completely different instead? Hot air balloon flights can act as a fantastic date because you will never get bored, and there will certainly be something to talk about afterwards!

We have special hot air balloon rides for 2 deals which prove to be fantastic value for money. Experience the world from way up high, with a truly enthralling journey in one of our romantic hot air balloon rides. Whilst this may not be the sort of date where you get dressed up in your finest suits and gowns, it is incredibly fun. You can get as involved as you want to, as all guests are invited to help inflate and deflate the balloons. There is nothing quite like seeing the world from a hot air balloon so book an experience of a lifetime today. If your hot air balloon ride awakens a sense of adventure in you, here are some other fantastic experiences for you to enjoy.


Paintballing is a competitive sport which is suitable for healthy adults of all ages. Be a soldier for the day and help your team repel the enemy. This safe and exhilarating game can be a little scary at times, but that is all part of the fun! Test your teamwork and strategy skills and get ready to dodge about facing the bad guys. With over 100 different locations across the country, there is bound to be a paintball experience near you.

Flying Lessons

If your hot air balloon ride awakens a passion for heights, then you may want to consider the next step and book some flying lessons together. Experience the thrill of navigating a light aircraft under the watchful eye of fully trained professional instructors. Depending on what type of lesson package you go for, you could take on the roles of being a navigator, observer, and pilot! Your friends and family will be seriously impressed when they hear that you have actually flown a plane yourselves.

Wine Tasting

It has to be said that hot air balloons, paintball, and flying lessons will definitely get your blood pumping with adrenaline. However, if you now fancy an experience which doesn’t require you to run about or take your feet off the ground, a wine tasting course may be exactly what you are looking for. Receive expert tuition from a leading wine specialist, and enjoy sampling some of the very finest wines available. This is an event which you can truly get dressed up for and can make a perfect date for people of every age. Start living life again by trying out new experiences.