It must be poetic justice that this beautiful white dove decided to pay us a visit at our Shaftesbury hot air balloon launch site this morning.

We often refer to our balloon rides as providing our lucky passengers with a unique “bird’s eye view over beautiful Britain”.

As if by magic, this solitary pure white Dorset dove decided to give us a little display of bird-like friendliness against a backdrop of a stunning cloudless blue sky to prove that it too admires the view from a balloon, in this case from right at the very top!

Hanging around to watch the post-flight Champagne toast enjoyed by the 10 Shaftesbury passengers;

“the dove remained perched on top of the balloon for over an hour and half and only decided to fly away once the balloon was being deflated”.
- said pilot Simon Redman.

During this time it was possible to view a pretty silhouette of the dove through the red fabric of the balloon, clearly seen below.

We can only assume that on this cool and misty autumn morning the warmth from the hot air inside the balloon provided our dove with a welcome warming perch for its feet.

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