The Best Easter Themed Hot Air Balloons with MJ Ballooning

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When it comes to hot air balloons, there are all sorts of shapes and sizes to choose from. We've spoken to our friend and Hot Air Balloon enthusiast, Matt Joyce from MJ Ballooning on his top picks to go in your Easter basket this year!

These incredible hot air balloons come in all sorts of delicious flavours, and they're sure to make your day. Don't forget to fill up your basket with these sweet treats before they float away!

Cream Egg Balloon

Nothing shouts Easter without a cream egg! We wonder if maybe the white chocolate cream egg may ever make an appearance in the sky as a hot air balloon? Have a look at this Cream egg balloon found at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2007.

"Did you know this special shape could hold 30 million real cream eggs inside?! Although no longer airworthy, this balloon along with many others is still inflated for people to enjoy, and in June will be attending the Midlands Air Festival."

Choc Dips Balloon

Choc Dips, or what you may now know as ‘Ohoo Dips’ is looking great up in the sky! The Choc Dips hot air balloon was operated by Virgin Balloon Flights predecessor, Virgin Airship & Balloon Company and is now owned by MJ Ballooning. Matt recalls this balloon as a family favourite, having collected images from both his father and his grandfather!

"We always love inflating this special shape for the crowds; many people remember it from the Bristol Balloon Fiesta years ago. It was built 34 years ago and could hold a lot of Easter chocolate and biscuits, that's for sure! Choc Dips has been flown worldwide at balloon festivals such as Sint Niklaas, Warstein, and Château-d'Oex on home soil in Bristol, and at the largest balloon festival of them all, Albuquerque in New Mexico."

Cornetto Balloon

MJ Ballooning has done a great job here at capturing the Cornetto Hot Air Balloon both ready to eat and when it’s melted in the sun, the clean up may be a tad easier with this one though!

Caramel Bunny Balloon

Caramel Bunny, the pin-up girl of the chocolate world, was absolutely massive in the 1980s, and also here at Bristol Balloon Fiesta!

"The Caramel Bunny was one of the most loved special shape balloons during the 90s. It was first revealed to Cadbury's staff in 1993, where the balloon crew secretly inflated her one day outside their factory in Bournville. It created such a buzz that the entire workforce stopped working and came out to see the balloon in all its glory!" A temporary red nose was even added for a Comic Relief tether at Hyde Park. She lives on in the memories of the millions who had the chance to see her in the flesh, or should that be nylon?"

Bertie Bassett Balloon

This concept may just be too delicious to handle! With two Bertie Bassett Balloons flying around at the 2018 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, they’ve really brought him to life! Unfortunately, Cadbury Trebor Bassett does not show the Bertie Bassett Balloons now as it does not fit in with their branding anymore… But I wonder what they’ll make next!

special shapes hot air balloon

Bic Chick Balloon

We saved the best for last! While we know this one isn’t specifically a ‘Treat’, it was far too sweet to miss out!

"An old favourite of many, the Bic Chick made many memorable appearances around the UK after build completion by Cameron Balloons in 1999. Its first public inflation took place at the Royal Crescent in Bath."

Got a taste for it?

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Photo Credits:

Choc Dips, Bertie Bassett, Cornetto by MJ Ballooning

Caramel Bunny, Bic Chick by Photo Ballooning Pictures UK

Cream Egg, by Matt Cleaves

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