This season we’ve added some great new launch sites in Scotland, including Newton St Boswells, Kelso, Peebles, Bowhill Country Estate and most recently, Shieldhill Castle.

Shieldhill Castle sits in the romantic upper Clyde Valley, between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Prior to becoming the four star hotel it is today, the 800-year-old fortress was the seat of the Chancellor family who fled there from France during the time of the Norman Conquests. Recorded as one of the oldest families in the area, the Chancellors remained in the castle for over 750 years.

Placed in the rolling hills of the South Lanarkshire countryside, Shieldhill Castle serves as the perfect starting point for your balloon ride. The chance to fly over Biggar offers many spectacular sights below the balloon such as Dawyck Botanic Gardens, home to a copse of trees, some over 40 metres tall. You may glide over the 10 acre Biggar Park Garden where you’ll see long stretches of herbaceous borders, shrubberies, fruit and vegetables and even the Japanese garden among other eye-catching features.

Although placed in a beautiful rural area, the small market town of Biggar is busy as ever. Depending on the time of year you travel, you may catch one of the many events that take place in the town's show field such as the agricultural show or the vintage car rally. Other likely spots from the sky are Moat Park Heritage Centre and Lamington Chapel, just two of Biggar’s six museums.

Whichever way the wind takes you, you'll be sure to have an enchanting journey, viewing the charming Scottish landscape from a unique perspective.

To book your flight from Shieldhall Castle or any of our other launch sites, just visit our website or call our office on 01952 212750. If you haven’t already got your ticket, you can buy one from as little as £169 per person.