We are truly blessed with outstanding landscape in England that is not replicated anywhere else in the world. While we may complain about the weather it makes for some beautiful areas of lush forests, endless moorland and breathtaking lakes. Spring in particular is one of the best times to book hot air balloon rides because it is only from the air that you will truly be able to witness the natural world awakening. From March onwards, at Virgin Balloon Flights we run our legendary soaring experiences that can let you see for yourself how winter slowly turns to summer across our country. The luckiest explorers will get to see fog-cloaked churches and expanses of farmland with expressive, long shadows being cast by the springtime sun.

Spring is that unique time of year when life roundabout really becomes noticeable, and it is a great period for romantic hot air balloon rides. We have specially made gift package vouchers that can be given for Christmas. They can then use the voucher over the course of the next year to either experience the majesty of winter in Britain in November or the awakening of spring in March. Of course, the gift voucher is valid for 12 months so it can be used at any point including the height of summer if you wish. The gift package contains some great extras to really make it special. The Champagne balloon ride for two can be enjoyed during either AM or PM times from the 100 plus locations we have across the country. This means that you can see England from a completely different perspective where you live or alternatively, travel to a place you would like to see from far above.

If you are looking for hot air balloon rides that suits winter, then our Christmas package would be great for next November. Many people are lucky enough to experience Britain when it is blanketed in snow, and with the trademark red virgin balloon in the air, it really will have a festive feel. As the balloon hangs like a bauble in the air, you may be reminded of the children’s classics such as The Snowman and its memorable flying sequences. It comes with the aforementioned Champagne as well as champagne chocolate truffles to enjoy the view with. If you’re really wanting something special and romantic, however, then we can offer you the Luxury Christmas package that includes two engraved champagne flutes and wicker sparkling and chocolates gift hamper. For £300 it is a beautiful way to celebrate your life together in a particular part of the country, helping you to appreciate the natural beauty that is all around us yet we often don’t get chance to see.

No matter which time of year you decide to use the gift vouchers, a balloon ride can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. We know from experience that it is one of those moments that people remember for the rest of their lives and it all comes with Virgin’s expertise as standard.