Sharing an unforgettable hot air balloon ride with his son was something Anthony Bachelor had wanted to do ever since he experienced his own flight eight years ago.

So it was an extra special moment this week when he and 16-year-old son James went up, up and away together on a Virgin balloon flight from Belton Woods in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we caught up with the two of them to find out all about their shared father-son hot air balloon ride experience.

Anthony said a hot air balloon ride had always been an ambition of his.

“I enjoyed it so much the first time that I wanted all my family to try it but only James was brave enough,” he said.

“This time the flight was more local to me, as the first time I flew from Newark so didn’t know many of the landmarks. This time I could almost see my own house.”

“It’s one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Father and Son Balloon Ride

James, who flew in the middle of his exams so found it a welcome distraction, said he found the flight even better than his dad had described.

“There were a few nerves but once we were up they soon went away. It was a very good feeling but one that is hard to describe – you really need to experience it yourself to know what it is like,” he said.

“The most memorable part was standing up after take-off because I couldn’t see the floor from where I was sat, so it was strange to be suddenly in the sky.”

James remembers going along to wave his dad off the first time he flew.

“We watched him for about 10 minutes and then me and my mum went to get some breakfast!

“Flying for my first time with him was extra special because I was with family. I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again, with both my dad and mum but I’m not sure my mum will ever be convinced!”

A Great Experience Ahead Of Father’s Day

Anthony said a hot air balloon ride was definitely something he would recommend to others.

Both father and son were also very impressed with our pilot Rebecca Cains and her ground crew, who they said were very professional, approachable and fun.

“I thought our Rebecca was very professional. During the flight, she kept us updated on how fast we were flying and at what height,” said Anthony.

“She was very approachable and answered all the questions that were asked of her.

“She obviously has a passion for flying and that passion is infectious.”

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