Christmas Wishes Really Do Come True:

After Paul Phipps from Northwich, Cheshire first went on a hot air balloon ride, 14-year-old daughter Tash was desperate to go with him.

The adventurous teen was over the moon when her wish came true and she got to fly with her dad from Whitchurch Rugby Club just last month.

“A hot air balloon ride has been something both Tash and I have always wanted to do,” says dad Paul.

“For the first two, I went alone and thoroughly enjoyed both trips. Tash was watching from the ground and decided she’d love to come with me on my next flight. It was her Christmas wish - she was desperate to tick it off her bucket list.”

For Tash, her dad was the best person to share the sky-high experience with.

“My dad really looks out for me and my brother. When I was ill in hospital on his birthday he spent the day with me and took us on good holidays. We do cool things together too - like hot air ballooning,” says Tash.

Float Over the Countryside and Watch the World Go By

The father and daughter duo loved the countryside views and spotting wildlife below.

“We both loved it from start to finish. It’s so calm and peaceful up there and the views are great. The whole experience was brilliant, floating over the countryside on a very calm and sunny morning, watching the world go by below.

“Tash particularly loved looking at the cattle, sheep, and young lambs below, and found the slightly bumpy landing really exciting,” says Paul.

Paul says chatting to passengers and meeting other flying fans is a great part of the experience.

“We met a lovely family of four. They were grandparents taking their daughter and grandson up. In our section of the basket were two ladies on their own, and in the next one was a man with two friends from South Africa. They all loved it, despite some of them being very nervous before take-off.”

The Pilot and Crew Are Fantastic

The pair also said it was useful to have an informative pilot and crew member on the day.

“Lindsay our pilot was fantastic. She kept telling stories of previous flights, pointed out landmarks, and answered any questions we had along the way.

“Also, Andy the ground crew member was brilliant - putting everybody at ease and involving them in the inflation and deflation aspects. He even remembered me from my previous two flights,” says Paul.

Be Brave and Enjoy the Sky-High Experience

Tash’s friends have been very envious of her sky-high experience and have all commented on how brave she is.

“Everyone we know has said how brave Tash was to go up. Her friends think she’s so lucky to have had the opportunity,” says Paul.

“There’s really no need to be nervous, just go for it. There’s no turbulence like in a plane, it’s just calm and surreal. I think it’s a great experience for anyone, young or old.”

Ballooning Addict and Real-Life Superhero

Paul doesn’t plan to stop at just three hot air balloon rides and would love to fly with us again.

“I will absolutely be going on another balloon flight at some point. My son Kyle who is 13 has already started badgering me to take him up next.”

“I’ve always loved outdoor activities. I’ve flown planes, helicopters, microlites and also been parasailing.

Tash certainly thinks her dad is a hero, not just because of the cool experiences, but for being there for her as well.

“My dad is a hero because he gave me and my brother a nice house to live in when he and my mum adopted us. He has looked after us, and twice he has saved me when I was choking,” says Tash.

“When our dog knocked me into a river, he rescued me. Most of all, he makes me laugh!"

Paul, Tash and Kyle don’t have any plans for Father’s Day yet, but will most certainly be spending the day together.

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