The spring weather may not have entirely sprung just yet, but we’ve already seen two incredibly romantic proposals on our Champagne balloon flights.

Love continued to stay in the air just a few days later in Surrey when Ian proposed to partner Zoe on a sunrise balloon flight from Fernhurst. Here’s their story:

Ian and Zoe – Fernhurst Proposal

Ian knew that a hot air balloon ride would be the perfect way to propose to Zoe. The couple (pictured above) had been together for just under a year after a meeting at the archery shop where Ian works.

They had talked about going to see the South Downs – a national park in Surrey that’s full of incredible wildlife, pretty villages, rolling countryside and mountainous views. An area that defines beautiful Britain perfectly.

“We thought seeing the views from the air would be the best way to appreciate them,” said Ian.

“Zoe has always talked about her love for hot air balloons, so I bought a romance flight for two for her birthday. I knew the flight would be the perfect way to propose.”

‘Perfect, Breath-taking and Incredible’:

The April weather can be a bit unpredictable in the UK - the sun can either be shining or we have April showers. But luckily for Ian, the weather gods were on our side and their sunrise balloon flight from Fernhurst was able to go ahead.

Telling us about the overall experience, Ian said:

“The views were fantastic. Once you reach a certain height the landscape almost begins to not look real, like it’s a painting laid out beneath you. To see the South Downs from the air was awe-inspiring, we could even make out the Isle of Wight in the distance.”

The Big Question

While taking in the beautiful views of this serene experience, Ian nervously waited for the right moment.

“After about 40 minutes, we descended slightly and I thought we were landing, so knew I couldn’t wait any longer - I caught the attention of our pilot Steve to make sure he was aware and took a knee.”

Surprised and emotional Zoe, couldn’t believe what was happening.

“It was totally unexpected, I was so happy, excited and giddy. I was trying not to cry and was so happy I almost forgot to say yes,” said Zoe.

Celebrating with Champagne

What better way to round off their amazing sky-high proposal than with a Champagne toast?!

“The Champagne was a magical part of the experience,” said Ian.

Steve and the team were brilliant too, we enjoyed helping them set everything up, you really felt involved in the process and he seemed happy that he was able to be a part of something we will remember forever.”

Anniversary Celebrations Sorted

Both Zoe and Ian have said they’d love to fly again and hope to even hop on board for an anniversary celebration.

“We cannot wait to fly again, maybe even for our first anniversary.

“All our friends and family have commented on what a unique and romantic way to propose it was. We’ve told everyone they should experience a hot air balloon ride for that mix of adventure and serenity.”

Zoe and Ian celebrated after the flight by going out for lunch and celebratory drinks in Chichester. The couple have already set a date for their wedding, which will take place in 2017.

Congratulations! We can’t wait to see you both in the skies again soon….

To be continued.