When Jon Smallwood disappeared into the basket of a hot air balloon after a voyage over Dorset and performed a headstand, he left other passengers open mouthed. But this was far more than an unusual party trick.

Deputy headteacher Jon is known in Dorset as the ' The Headstand King' and this was the latest of many headstands he has performed in weird and wonderful places - from cliff tops to supermarket checkouts - to raise money for the Eve Appeal - Gynaecology Cancer Research Fund. The keen runner, who fought off Leukaemia himself two years ago, is doing a fantastic job with the total already over £1,000.

After conquering the balloon basket, following the balloon flight from Sherborne on January 19th, he then went on to do a headstand on the balloon envelope which was packed away in its bag. Dorset hot air balloon pilot Simon Redman was so impressed he made a donation to the cause.

He said: "When Jon asked if he could do a headstand in the basket while we were flying unfortunately I had to say no, but he wasn't put off and after we landed he jumped straight into the basket and did a perfect handstand so you could just see his legs sticking out. It was brilliant and made everyone laugh. He's a great sport and is raising money for a really good cause so I was more than happy to do my little bit. I can't wait to see where he does the next headstand!"

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