Following this morning’s ‘revelation’ that Virgin Atlantic will be introducing glass-bottom planes for domestic flights, the possibility of spotting Scotland’s mysterious Loch Ness monster has been getting people excited.

Teams from across the Virgin Group have been coming up with ideas of how they could in theory join the hunt for Nessie, so we thought we would throw our hat into the ring.

How about we introduce glass-bottom baskets and float over Loch Ness giving people an unforgettable ballooning experience and the scintillating possibility (however small) of seeing the humps of the beast from the deep…

Although such a thing exists, we’re not sure a glass-bottom basket is going to be everyone’s cup of tea and we don’t fly from Loch Ness.

However, if you fancy a flight in a good old fashioned hot air balloon with a reassuringly solid basket from one of our 100+ UK sites (from£169pp) fly over to our website.