Cupid might have wings but we have a beautiful big red balloon that is just perfect for a sky-high hot air balloon proposal.

Rita Chauhan had no idea what boyfriend Tarun Chawla had planned when he told her to be up very early the next morning and to ‘wear warm clothes’.

When the couple arrived at our Stanford Hall launch site in Leicestershire, she believed Tarun had surprised her with a hot air balloon ride for her birthday earlier that week.

But Tarun had another, much bigger surprise in store, when he got down on one knee to ask for Rita’s hand in marriage 2,000 feet above the Leicestershire countryside.

And now every time they see a hot air balloon, Tarun said they will be reminded of their proposal in the sky.

An Unforgettable Moment

“I felt a hot air balloon proposal was perfect as it’s romantic, the views are incredible and it’s something we have both never done before,” he told us.

“It was mid-flight; we were really enjoying the flight and the views. I just went with the flow and popped the question when it felt right.

“She was shocked. I could see the different emotions on her face and I was just waiting out for that three letter word – YES!

“Now whenever we see a hot air balloon, we will always remember our proposal in the sky.”

Rita said Tarun’s hot air balloon proposal was the perfect way to celebrate the two of them as a couple.

“Although we were among other passengers, Tarun made if feel as though it was just me and him and that’s why it was so personal and perfect,” she said.

“He had planned a surprise balloon flight for me on my birthday, which was the Thursday before, but unfortunately it got cancelled due to the weather.

“Come Saturday night, all I was told was to wear warm clothes and be up very early the next morning. I instantly thought I hoped he was not surprising me with a SAS obstacle course – not my idea of fun!

“Little did I know I would be saying yes to the most amazing proposal.

“It was very thoughtful, he was standing behind me and out of the blue spoke very softly and asked for my hand in marriage.”

The Perfect Hot Air Balloon Proposal

When Tarun then took out the ring and got down on one knee, Rita was both surprised and emotional.

“There’s a lot of feelings that went by! I felt like a giddy girl, I was over the moon – any girl would be!

“I couldn’t stop staring at the ring, he did so well picking the perfect one.”

Tarun said although he was a bit nervous beforehand, he made a real effort to keep his composure so Rita didn’t suspect a thing.

“Rita is really sharp on picking up on things, so I tried to be as ‘normal’ as I could!” he said.

The couple met after being introduced by a good friend and it was love at first sight.

"From the moment I met Rita, I knew this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” said Tarun.

Both of them said the balloon ride itself was “amazing” and that they couldn’t wait to fly again.

“We would like to thank everyone at Virgin Balloon Flights and especially our pilot Pete for making such an important day of our lives extra special.

“We can’t recommend Virgin Balloon Flights enough, it was fantastic and we will definitely be booking again sometime soon!”

From Pilot To Cupid

Pilot Pete Philpott said he was delighted to have helped Tarun and Rita with their engagement.

“Tarun did a really classy proposal and I wish them both every happiness,” he said.

Whether you’re planning the perfect sky-high proposal or want to show the love of your life just how much they mean to you, a romantic hot air balloon ride could be just the ticket.

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