Forget the new year, new you cliché – you’re already awesome and instead we think 2017 is the time to make your bucket list dreams a reality.

Instead of making New Year resolutions, you’ll never keep, let 2017 be the year you do something you’ve always wanted to do, the year you tick at least one thing off your bucket list.

What’s On Your Bucket List?

If you don’t have a bucket list yet, now is the perfect time to make one.

It’s great to dream big but it’s even better to make those dreams come true and 2017 is your year to do it.

By the time we’re in our 70s, 80s and beyond, it’s not material things we remember, it’s what we DID and the amazing experiences we had.

There’s a reason a hot air balloon ride appears on so many bucket lists – it’s a truly unforgettable flying experience unlike any other.

But our Take Life Higher motto is about more than just our wonderful balloon flights – it’s something we think applies to life in general.

What will you put on your 2017 bucket list? Here are some of our ideas for Virgin Balloon Flights.

See The Big Wide World

Have you always wanted to see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, mountain bike across the Alps, experience ancient Mayan ruins, go surfing in Cornwall, climb Ben Nevis, swim with Dolphins in the Bahamas or visit Disney World?

Closer to home, the UK has plenty of spectacular sites to visit, evidenced by a record-breaking 36.1 million international visitors to the country in 2015.

Stonehenge, a day at Wimbledon, night star-gazing in Northumberland International Dark Sky Park and driving the stunning County Antrim coastal road are some of the things on our UK ‘to do’ list.

Fun Times

Getting older doesn’t mean we have to grow up completely. Where’s the fun in ‘adulting’ all the time?

Make time to do things ‘just for fun’ in 2017, whether it's riding a jet ski, going ice-skating, learning how to salsa dance in your living room or joining the local Sunday league football team.

Be spontaneous and do something nobody would expect you to do.

Scared of heights? Hop in one of our balloons (we’ll hold your hand if you need it) or go all out with paragliding or a skydive.

If classical music is usually your thing, go to a rock concert or vice versa. Or treat yourself to a posh afternoon tea somewhere like the Claridges or the Bentley Hotel.

Make A Record

Make sure the memories never fade with photos and videos but you could also go old school with a written diary of your adventures.

Keep a bucket list journal about every wonderful experience you tick off the list and you can relive those unforgettable moments whenever you like.

It’s also a wonderful keepsake for any children and grandchildren.

So what’s on our 2017 bucket lists here at Balloon HQ?

    • Visit those places we’ve always dreamed about – one of us already has a long-awaited once-in-a-lifetime trip to beautiful Bali planned while another is looking at glass igloos in the snowy wonderland of Finnish Lapland.
    • Do something we’ve never done before – stepping outside our comfort zone to try new things, even if they seem a bit scary.
  • Make the most of the great outdoors – we’re so lucky to have such beautiful countryside and stunning cities here in the UK and we want to experience it ALL.
  • Attempt a world record in one of our hot air balloons – this might take a bit longer than a year to plan but we’re on the case.
  • Learn something new – playing the piano, speaking Italian and how to cook Indian food from scratch are all goals of our team.

For more bucket list inspiration, you can read some of our previous blogs here and here.

What would be on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below.