They say an experience shared is an experience doubled and a hot air balloon ride for 2 is the ultimate adventure to embark on with that special someone. Flying in a balloon is a life-long ambition for many people and something to be talked about for evermore. So, when considering that special gift, they may have it all, but they haven’t done it all until they've been ballooning. Aerodrome Kent Virgin Hot Air Balloon2 people hugging while watching a hot air balloon inflate There can hardly be a more romantic way to see the British landscape than sailing through the sky in the basket of a balloon with a person who means the world to you. The spectacular views and feeling of serenity as you're carried along by the wind are truly breath-taking. Some love birds are overcome by the experience and find themselves popping the question in mid-air. As far as we know we have a 100% success rate!more

So, what do hot air balloon rides for 2 include:

  • Greeting and briefing from your pilot
  • Opportunity to get involved with the inflation of the balloon
  • Around an hour's hot air balloon ride for 2 in an iconic Virgin balloon
  • Champagne toast (or soft drink) after landing
  • Presentation of flight certificate signed by your pilot and endorsed by Sir Richard Branson
  • Invitation to assist with deflation and packing of the balloon
  • Transport back to the launch site
Of course, the best souvenirs from the day are your memories of following in the footsteps of the aviation pioneers from 200 years ago, defying gravity and seeing the world from a different perspective. The basket of a hot air balloon provides the perfect platform for brilliant photography and video, many examples of which can be enjoyed on our facebook page. The majority of our pilots offer an in-flight photo service which, subject to availability, provides a shot from a unique 'out of basket' angle and can be purchased on the day. Many of these pictures enjoy pride of place in many homes around the UK. Hot air balloon ride for 2 people gift hamper for 2 people We offer a range of gift packages which include a hot air balloon ride for 2 together with fantastic extras to make the moment even more special. There are several different options including Sunrise, Sunset, Birthday, Christmas, Romance and Luxury which means we've got every occasion covered, whether it’s a 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday, a milestone anniversary or a Christmas surprise.

What do our gift packages include:

  • Two flight vouchers entitling you to a hot air balloon ride for 2
  • Luxury embossed gift wallet
  • Balloon in a Box (choice of Virgin, Birthday, Christmas or Love is in the Air) or Wicker Hamper with bottle of Cava
  • Special Virgin Balloon Flights edition Montezuma’s Champagne Truffles
  • Express or Recorded Delivery
Let's be honest, the best gifts to give are those which mean you can go along too. What's more, all of our gift packages include our nation flight vouchers which mean you can fly from any of our 100+ locations around mainland Britain. So, whether you’re looking to fly from a fairy-tale castle or to soar out of a site out outstanding natural beauty, the choice is yours. At Virgin Balloon Flights we have made ballooning available to many more people by using large balloons which can carry 12 to 16 people each flight, thus making the experience that bit more affordable, but no less incredible. So you will always share your experience with other adventurers. However, the basket is split into compartments and everyone looks out into the sky so you can still have that intimate experience at a fraction of the cost of exclusively hiring a basket for a hot air balloon ride for 2. We find the people who fly with us are a friendly bunch and really enjoy the natural camaraderie built-up with fellow passengers during the flight. It's traditional to toast a successful flight and soft landings with Champagne which is always a fitting end to a thrilling voyage through the skies. So, once you've come back down to earth, sip your sparkling, relax, reflect and regale - you’re a ballooning adventurer now. Check out our range of gift packages including hot air balloon ride for 2