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How to Overcome Buying Gifts for Hard to Buy for Men!

One of the worlds greatest mysteries is why is it so difficult to buy a gift for that special man in your life! Even from a young age, we struggle to know what to buy boys as you can browse the aisles of toy shops and the amount of boys toys compared to girls is outweighed massively!

Don’t judge!

So why is this? Firstly it’s because men can be a lot more guarded in articulating what they want. They sometimes feel that expressing a love for a nice comfy dressing gown or some shaving balm would mean someone casting judgement over them as a person or their character!

Want it, bought it!

Secondly, it’s possibly because as men generally don’t have the inclination to go on shopping sprees as women tend to, the necessity to buy is there more! If there is a gift your man really loves, it’s probably related to a hobby or an interest he has, so therefore if he needs that item, he’ll buy it for himself! This leaves us gift givers a little redundant!

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all men, as some men have lists as long as their arm as to what gift they’d like for Christmas, but on the whole, men are problematic!

Another reason that can be applied is that as men can be creatures of habit, then they’re more likely to stick to a brand they love and not deviate from this. This makes it hard for the gift buyer as some brands don’t have an elaborate range of items you can purchase therefore any decent gift, it’s probably already been bought by your man already!

Gift a day out

But fear not, all is not lost as there are a number of ways to still ignite that passion for gifts for your man, you’ve just got to turn that desire into an experience, literally!

Help that special man in your life really remember a gift you bought for him by researching into the best experience gift you could get him!

  • Does he love flying as if so, what better way to treat him with a hot air balloon ride?
  • Or, if he loves adventure, then a day out on the Europe’s longest zip line could be the way forward?
  • Humorous, uniqueness is the name of this gift as water zorbing in a massive ball down a hill is something he will remember for a long time!
  • Sword making? Now this is a gift he’ll treasure forever as he can make his own sword and then take it home for bragging rights that he made a weapon!

Don’t let the laid back nature of men's approach to receiving gifts make Christmas a time you dread!

By thinking outside the box and buying a gift that will give him an experience he’ll remember instead of another pair of slippers, you’ll put a smile on his face because it’s a great present and on your face as you don’t have the worry of more present buying for men!

Thanks to our super crew in York for being our models for men that are hard to buy for! :-)

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