We’re always saying how magical it is to fly in a hot air balloon so it was quite fitting when TV illusionist Derren Brown joined us for a sky-high sightseeing tour.

Derren, who has performed various stage shows, television specials and series such as Trick or Treat, took a hot air balloon ride from Henley-on-Thameson Saturday evening.

Flying with pilot Mark Shemilt and eventually landing in Reading, Derren described the balloon flight as a ‘totally dreamy’ experience.

“I had no idea what to expect and the whole thing was fantastic. Utterly serene, totally dreamy, and even a couple who were nervous beforehand loved the whole thing. Thank you for a terrific evening,” he said.

Derren tweeted several times during the flight, including when they drifted over Uri Geller’s house, and after a comfortable landing, he praised Mark for his piloting skills.

Mark said: “I’m delighted Derren enjoyed the flight. It was quite funny as other passengers gradually realised who he was and started nudging each other. He chatted with everyone and told us about his new show. It was a pleasure to meet him.”

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A flight from Henley-on-Thames offers far-reaching views across this beautiful part of England. With the right wind, you could find yourself enjoying a hot air balloon ride towards Windsor, with views of the town so famous for the Royals in the distance.

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