Joe Churcher, 39, from London, was on route to catch a train home on Friday evening when this spectacular sight caught his eye, a Virgin hot air balloon.

“I was alerted, by a crowd of animatedly pointing tourists stood outside a shop, to the presence of an aerial attraction. Looking up to see the balloon making its majestic way over Oxford's spires, I reached for my camera and took some shots of its voyage using Oxford Castle as the foreground. As it disappeared behind the battlements I was about to head off to the station when it occurred to me that it was about to reappear between the crenellations so I hung on and snapped it,” said Joe.

Joe, who works as a political journalist, enjoyed his very own airborne adventure a few years ago with his father. Whilst gliding above the Hampshire countryside, Joe also snapped this picture below.

“The contrasts of immense peace and intense burner noise, the views, the nervous excitement at being able to see exactly what it is that's holding you in the air. On the flight, I took a bird's eye view of the Hampshire farm we had recently discovered had been worked by our ancestors - as well as Roman Abramovich's half-constructed mansion!”

For further information about flying from Oxford please visit or call 01952 212750.