We’re lucky at Virgin Balloon Flights because, during the flying season, we get to see lots of ‘firsts’. The first time someone had seen a hot air balloon up close, the first time someone had flown in one, the first time they had seen our beautiful countryside from such a privileged perspective.

Ballooning is an adventurer’s sport. It attracts a special kind of person – what we call the ‘live every day like it’s your last’ kind of person. We love a go-getter at Virgin Balloon Flights.

“Talking of ambitious people, Sir Richard has been sharing a few thoughts on his ballooning expeditions with Virgin.com. When you fly with Virgin Balloon Flights, we take every step to ensure you have a safe and serene journey. But as you’re about to read, Sir Richard has had more than his fair share of hair-raising moments on his ballooning expeditions.”

“Just crossing from Miyakonojo (Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu Island, Japan) to crossing the Pacific – that was one adventure, and I’ve had quite a few adventures – was full of everything you could’ve imagined going wrong.”

“We lost half our fuel, which is not a good idea when you’re just starting to cross the Pacific. We worked out that the only way we were going to cross was to average 180 miles/hr, and the fastest balloon that had ever been was 100 miles/hr through the Mid-Atlantic. There was Force 8 gale blowing below us, and the seas were massive.”

“A Japanese balloonist had tried to go a few days before us, and actually died in the attempt. But we just fought to survive, and we had fires on top of the capsule.”

“We were aiming for Los Angeles and missed it by 3,000 miles – we ended up in the Arctic in a snowstorm. But anyway, we made it, and we were the first people to cross the Pacific in a hot air balloon, for what it’s worth.”

Sir Richard goes on to say that being an entrepreneur and an adventurer goes hand in hand. A thirst for life and a dissatisfaction for the ordinary are both quenched by the sport of ballooning. We’re heading into a brand new flying season and we’re itching to know what ‘firsts’ lie ahead of us. Why not give it a go, and come fly with us?

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