Lockdown is over, Summer begins!

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Lockdown… Lockdown! LOCKDOWN! The repetitive mantra that has invaded all our lives for the past year. The anxiety and the dread of hearing those words being launched is enough to make anyone go from living their best life to just existing.

The hope for the summer was slowly fading. The optimistic internal monologues ‘When we are out of this lockdown, I’m going to do this…’, ‘ I can’t wait to be able to do this again’ was gradually reducing to just four words; ‘When will it end?’…

With everything being opened back up and another lockdown seeming to no longer be on the horizon, its time to get life back on track. The opportunities still await!

So, are you going to enjoy summer this year? Or is the bed going to engulf you in its comfort?

The summer is always filled with amazing activities. Here are some activities to do while on your summer holidays this year. We have collated a unique bucked list that any adventurer would love to complete.


  1. For the thrill-seeker and ultimate adventurer, World Slate Caverns is a must.

This is an experience of a lifetime. Dive deep into Blaenau Ffestiniog underground. Zip, climb and balance your way through a 2-hour assault course.

But make sure to look down while you are at heights twice the size of St Pauls’ Cathedral!



Virgin Balloon Flights
  1. If that’s not your cup of tea, for the tamer adventurer, how about drifting slowly across the sky at heights up to 3000ft? We suggest a hot air balloon ride!

This 4-hour experience takes you to see breath taking views at heights that you can brag to all your friends about. Go as a couple, go with your family or even by yourself.

With over 100+ locations across the UK, there is no excuse not to go. This experienced is topped with prosecco and smiles from everyone who is aboard!



Dover castle
© English Heritage

  1. Explore some of Britain’s much-loved castles. Soak up the history and antiquity that these fantastic structures have to offer.

One of our team who has explored at lot of castles in her childhood avidly suggests Dover Castle in Kent.

With over a 2000-year structure standing tall, facing war and many horrors, this castle really does offer it all!

Watch and learn how we have changed over the years with fantastic views and a truly memorable day out!



Rage Room with Destroyd
Image from Virginexperiencedays
  1. Pent up rage can be a killer. We have the best idea for those who feel like ripping their clothes off and screaming.

For 30 minutes you and a friend can safely destroy multiple appliances small and large. They provide you with the equipment, and you just bring the rage! Smash your way to peace and happiness.


So, when it comes down to it, whether you're pent up with frustration and need to let it out, need a relaxing evening exploring some old English history, want to take life higher and enjoy the world from a birds eye view or get your blood pumping with an exhilarating day zipping through a cavern, with the summer now here at our feet, go and have the fun you deserve!

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