Love At High Altitude – A Pilot’s Love Story

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If somebody says they met their partner at a work-related event, it doesn’t sound all that exciting, does it? What if that event took place at a high altitude? Our pilot, Rebecca, met her partner at the annual ballooning event in Mondovi, Italy, in 2017. A skydiver and pilot himself, Simon shares the same passion for aircraft rides and adventures.

Together with many of her colleagues, Rebecca was flying in Mondovi ahead of the start of the new ballooning season in the UK. European balloonists gather there to carry out annual flight checks required of all commercial pilots while also enjoying some fun competitions among themselves. That is where our pilot’s love story started.

Hot Air Ballooning Meets Skydiving

Simon was training at the time towards his Balloon Private Pilot Licence, which he successfully obtained later that year. He was already flying a Twin Otter aircraft at North London Skydiving Centre, where he works. Their shared passion for flying brought him and Rebecca together.

She fondly remembers how they not only kept in touch after Mondovi but also soon started collaborating up in the skies.

“Simon asked if I would pilot their club hot air balloon, dropping himself and other skydivers from the balloon. We had lots of fun, and I became quite involved, which led me to take up skydiving and gain my A license. This seemed only fair, it was time for me next to jump from their plane! I did question this on the odd occasion. But on the day I stood at the plane door saying yes, I am ready. I got the bug and went on laughing and further working on my exit style.”

Catching Each Other In The Air

Since they already did so much together, Rebecca said that she wasn’t sure when he first asked her out if he meant it as a date or not. It turned out it was their first date and now the two of them are in their second year living together.

When we learned that Simon also flies as a professional pilot, we wondered what their schedules look like. At first sight, having a profession governed by the weather sounds like the main challenge for a hot air balloon pilot’s love story. We wanted to learn how the two of them manage such a lifestyle as a couple.

Rebecca explained:

“We both have a good understanding of what each of us does and how each of us is committed during our flying seasons. We often say I am not sure, and it depends on what the weather is doing when being asked if we are working.”

But then they do run into each other at work, and the sight is like no other. Rebecca said:

“Sometimes we get to catch each other in the air when I am flying in his area near Peterborough. He will give me the odd flyby and wave. Nothing feels as awesome as putting on an air show for the passengers!”

And their love of flying has also had an impact on Rebecca’s two daughters, who love to join in to help out whenever they can. Sometimes Robyn (16) and Poppy (7) meet Simon at his drop zone before they all go help their mother with the hot air balloon.

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