When we were asked if we could help the cast of Made In Chelsea fly in a hot air balloon in Italy, our sister company, Ballooning In Tuscany, was only too happy to oblige.

Stars Digby and Olivia saw romance blossom under the Tuscan sun as they floated up, up and away over stunning Montisi in our hot air balloon.

With Chief Pilot Ken at the helm, the balloon drifted majestically over fields and vineyards.

“That was actually amazing,” said Liv when they came into land. “I loved it.”

Made In Chelsea Fly In A Hot Air Balloon

Flying alongside them was a second hot air balloon filled with the production crew, who filmed some truly stunning shots of the loved-up couple as they enjoyed a sky-high Prosecco toast.

Filming took several weeks to arrange from our offices here at Virgin Balloon Flights but just a morning to complete and we’re thrilled that both cast and crew alike have such a wonderful time on their Tuscany hot air balloon ride.

“Even though they were filming for Made in Chelsea, it was great to see both Digby and Olivia genuinely enjoying their balloon ride in Tuscany,” said pilot Ken.

“Both were very nice, genuine people and got on so well with our Ballooning in Tuscany crew.

Help From Virgin Balloon Flights

“Because the production company was based in the UK, the marketing department at Virgin Balloon Flights helped arrange everything for the team here at Ballooning in Tuscany.

“Everything went perfectly, with some wonderful footage filmed while both cast and crew also enjoyed a fantastic balloon ride.”

Our beautiful big balloon not only featured in the episode itself but starred in both the TV and online trailer for season 14, featuring the whole Made In Chelsea cast.

You can watch the full episode featuring Ballooning In Tuscany online by catching up on 4od Made in Chelsea here.

To enjoy your very own spectacular Tuscany hot air balloon ride, visit the Ballooning in Tuscany website or call +39 3381462994.

Or, for an unforgettable balloon flight a bit closer to home, Virgin Balloon Flights has more than 100 launch sites across the UK, meaning your airborne adventure really could be just around the corner.