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Make the Most of Life this New Year!

It’s that time of year again! January is upon us and everyone has good intentions at the top of their list!

New Year’s resolutions have started and are in full flow, but sometimes the resolutions are just unattainable as they are a bit too unrealistic and a little…well…boring! Yes, we all need to cut back on the booze and stop eating so many cakes, but these kind of resolutions are not going to help you create amazing memories!

Make some resolutions that will not only change your life but help you feel better too! There’s nothing stopping us using the obvious resolutions coupled with a few ‘out there’ ones to add a bit of excitement to the new year!

Be a Fit You!

Getting fit as a resolution is more of a holistic approach to well being than just cutting back on a certain food is, and 46% of men and 51% of women agree according to YouGov.

Getting fit can include so many fantastic activities from paddle boarding through to ballroom dancing! So make joining a Parkrun, reducing alcohol and eating five a day part of your new years approach to getting fit!

A new way to getting fit with Virgin Balloon Flights

Save Money

Try saving pounds whilst losing pounds! Include saving some money on your resolution list whilst you are trying to lose some pounds in weight and you can treat yourself at the end of the year to all an awesome adventure!

Christmas is always a costly affair, but if you try and reset your spending habits and work out what you really want to spend your money on, it will help you over the long run spend wisely.

Appreciate Life!

As mentioned above, making New Years resolutions are never going to be achieved if every goal you aim for doesn’t inspire you. Yes, you need to include the run of the mill ones to aid a healthy life but come on, feel the passion!

Make memory making the top of any resolution list, whether its for New Years or mid-way though May! There’s never a bad time to start seeing the world!

Try to undertake a new activity every month, or three months for example if financial strains dictate what you can do, and take on adventures you’ve never done before.

Snorkelling in Iceland, a hot air balloon ride, sword making or lunching up The Shard will create such amazing memories that it’ll will you on to try more things and before you know it, 2022 will have been the year you really took by the horns!

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