At Virgin Balloon Flights we are here to provide you with the best experience of flying. We believe that there is no better way to experience the majesty of Great Britain’s landscapes than when hanging from far above, seeing for miles. Helicopters can prove to be too loud and expensive, and planes far too quick and cramped. The humble balloon however is whisked away in the wind, your destination only the best guess of our operatives. Of course, we make sure we have a very good idea of where we are going to end up since we use some of the most experienced balloon pilots in the business. However, not knowing entirely where we are going to end up is a part of all hot air balloon experiences. Not only will we be observing nature from the clouds but we will also be subject to its whims, soaring through the skies at speeds that will allow you to properly soak up the views across the countryside that we have been blessed with, but rarely have the chance to properly enjoy.

Our pilots are the perfect people to have with you on your hot air balloon experience days. Often with more than 20 years of experience, they are some of the most trusted pilots in the business and building on Virgin’s reputation as one of the pioneers of balloon flight, we are the best in the business. Each of our pilots are enthusiasts who know everything there is to know about balloons, which is why we have hand-picked them. They will be able to give you all of the information you ask for and can put your mind at rest if you have any concerns about the flight.

We have flight locations across the country, so it is well worth checking our website for the one closest to you. Alternatively, you can seek out the one which you think will give you the best views. Each experience will last between 3 and 4 hours during which time we will greet you and register before your pilot will brief you. We will also offer you the chance to get hands-on with balloon technology as we inflate the balloon. The flight time is approximately one hour and could potentially whisk us across countless miles reaching heights of up to 5000 feet to the landing point. This is largely dependent on the wind speed. We can also offer you a champagne or soft drink toast after landing on your first Virgin balloon voyage. You will also get a certificate signed by your pilot and endorsed by one of the world’s greatest balloon pioneers, Sir Richard Branson himself. As a memento of your trip, this is something that will go perfectly alongside your photographs. You will then be invited to help with the balloon deflation, giving you another opportunity to learn more about the craft and how it operates. We will then give you transport back to the original launch site, and thus you will have completed your first balloon voyage.