Martin Chamberlain joined us for an airborne adventure from Wadhurst, Kent, and having won the hot air balloon ride over Kent through a photographic competition (sponsored by Canon), it's no wonder he captured some amazing shots of the views below the basket.

Martin told us about his flight:

We passed over Hever Castle and we also got a good view of the mist over Bewel Water - the largest lake in Kent. For me, the most interesting thing was seeing the mist sitting in the low lying areas and the sun casting long long shadows onto the mist. As a keen photographer, it was also fascinating to get a unique perspective on everyday objects like the horses in the photos which are only distinguishable by their shadows; or the tree viewed from directly above.

We asked Martin if he would like to fly again and he told us,

I would do another flight, but I'd also like to take my wife and son so that they can get the same experience. I thought long and hard about which would be the best location in the UK to do the flight from, but in the end, I went with the closest location to my house. I would definitely do a morning flight again, despite the time I had to get up, and the freezing cold motorbike journey I had down into Kent, it was well worth it for the early morning misty views.

Martin praised pilot Damon Bridger and his crew:

They were very professional, very experienced and very obliging. When I said ‘Could you just turn the balloon around please so I can get a photo of ......!’, he was able to do so. I was absolutely amazed with the landing spot he picked; after flying over miles of open countryside we landed perfectly in a park in the town of Edenbridge. The recovery vehicle turned up a minute later!

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