It’s not often we have such a brave, little animal take to the skies for a Virgin Balloon Flight.

But Mozzie the cuddly meerkat leapt aboard for a ride from Perth, Scotland, to take in the spectacular views of the city – much to the amusement of everyone else on board, including our pilot Martin Cowling.

As a well-travelled meerkat, he took the experience in his stride and enjoyed peering out of the basket at the countryside spread beneath him.

“The Meandering Meerkats”

The mascot is currently a long way from home as he belongs to the 1st Randburg Meerkats Scout Group in South Africa.

The group has sent out three meerkats to other scout groups around the world to take on adventures.

And the 74th Perthshire Scout Group, based at the Congregational Church in Perth, was lucky enough to look after Mozzie for a few months.

Kirsty Nisbet, of the Scout Active committee, decided to give the adventurous meerkat a treat and take him on a hot air balloon ride as part of celebrations for mum Lindsay Adamson’s birthday.

“Normally I have a youngster with me, a Beaver or a Cub, carrying the mascot but this time, it was me carrying Mozzie.

“He thought the balloon ride was rather fantastic. He wanted to be an explorer and now he’s had a bird’s eye view of the world.”

Mrs Nisbet and her mother were joined for the ride by her husband Colin Nisbet, son Alasdair (corr) and sister Bridget Adamson.

“For us, it was mind-changing. I have always wanted to do it because it was on my bucket list,” she said.

“We saw everything. It was very tranquil and not like anything I had experienced before.

“We could look over the hills and see the wildlife. We saw a heron taking off and going up the river and cows and sheep from above.

“Looking down on the trees and seeing the shapes they make was so artistic and the fields look like patchwork. It’s lovely.”

Since returning to solid ground, Mozzie has had to say goodbye to the 74th Perthshire Scout Group and is now off to Stonehaven, Scotland, for a while.

“We were sad to say goodbye,” said Mrs Nisbet. “We got to have him a bit longer so he could go on the balloon ride. We had a fun sports day with the Scouts group and some of the children were clutching onto him to say goodbye.”

But the Scout group will be able to keep an eye on Mozzie’s next adventures through his Facebook page, The Meandering Meerkats.

Our pilot Martin said it was the first time such an endearing creature had flown in his balloon.

“It was a beautiful day for a balloon ride and Mozzie saw some of the stunning scenery around Perth.

“He was excellent company in the basket and very well-behaved. He’s welcome back anytime.”

Looking for a flight for your meerkat? You too can take your furry friend to the skies in a Virgin hot air balloon for as little as £169 per person, simply call 01952 212750 or visit our website.